1" Banner Nylon Tag Collar


 *Please note that Boomerang Tags come in a separate shipment from all other products ordered*

Looking for that perfect, everyday collar for your pups, without worry of lost identification, choking hazard, or premature wear?  Then this is it!!   Houndstown's Classic Banner nylon tag collars start with an ultra durable nylon webbing base, then bring it together with our standard Box-X stitching for the ultimate in comfort and safety!  

Our Boomerang Slide-On tags can also be added to our Tag Collars.  This is the perfect way to keep ID on your hound all the time, while keeping your hound safe and more comfortable, as well as greatly extending the life of your primary collars.

NOTE: None of our tag collars are martingale collars or designed to act as such, and are not intended to have a leash attached, nor be used as a means of restraint.  They are designed and sold solely as a means of keeping ID on your pets in a comfortable and attractive manner.

Our Boomerang Tags have 5 lines for text.  The suggested format is as follows:
Pet Name
Owner Name
City, State 

This doesn't mean this is what you should have on the tag, but merely a guideline.  What we often suggest is Pet Name, Owner Name, TWO Cell Phone Numbers, and City and State.  This gives anyone who may find your pet the greatest chance of finding you.  With cell phone numbers listed, you are able to be contacted if you are out looking for your lost pet, and with the City and State, if you are out of town, this gives a finder a place to start looking for you if you cannot be reached by phone.  I find the address somewhat unnecessary as it is a rare case that a pet is found wandering around locally, you not know about it being loose, and be returned by a good samaritan without calling.  

The best thing about Boomerang Tags is that they are COMPLETELY QUIET when used with one of our tag collars!!

A D-ring may also be added to any of our tag collars.