Collar Crate Flagship


Our Flagship Collar Crate is the BEST way to buy Houndstown Collars at the best price per collar! You get a DOZEN collars that you choose (any size, width, style, etc), and you have the option to add a DOZEN Banner Leashes for just $6 EACH!! The price comes out to just over $14 per collar, with FREE SHIPPING!! Any collar we make can be added to a Collar Crate Flagship Pack!! So go pick out which twelve you want to start or add to your collection, and get your Collar Crate on the way!

How are Houndstown collars constructed?

All Houndstown collars feature either heavy polypropylene (lined collar base) or flat nylon (unlined) webbing, cast or welded nickel and brass hardware, and are stitched in an industry standard "Box-X" stitch pattern with bonded nylon thread for maximum safety and peace of mind.

What are the differences in collar style?

A Martingale Collar is made with two loops-one that goes almost all the way around the dog's neck, and a second that connects the sides together.  When tightened (either by the pup pulling or by correction from the leash), the D-ring that is on the second loop pulls the two sides together, shrinking the circumference of the collar.  There are no chains, prongs, or any other devices that may be harmful to your pet. Martingale collars are sometimes referred to as "humane choke collars".  These work well for dogs with heads smaller than their necks, and for dogs prone to backing out of or escaping their collars.

A Buckle Collar is a traditional dog collar, with a black acetal plastic quick release buckle.  This is the style of collar one may typically think of when a dog collar comes to mind. These work well with well behaved dogs, with heads larger than their necks.

A Buckle Martingale combines both styles.  The collar goes on quickly and easily with no adjustment with a black acetal buckle, yet once snapped in place, works in the same manner as a martingale collar. These are an excellent choice for dogs that may need a little extra correction or control, but have heads larger than their necks. 

Can I wash a Houndstown collar?

All of our products are washable.  We recommend either hand washing with a product such as Woolite, or simply tossing the collar or leash into a lingerie bag and using the delicate cycle.  Lay flat to dry.  

Everything you need to know before ordering (shipping time frames, exchange/return policy, sizing, etc.) can be found HERE.