Collar Crate

It's finally here!! We are sure you're still asking "But what IS Collar Crate!?" Collar Crate is Houndstown's new, exclusive collar subscription service and bulk buying program, available now! 

We have 3 distinct, separate ways to participate:

-First, is our traditional monthly Collar Crate Subscription Service-a fun, new design every month, mailed directly to you, as well as options such as coordinating leashes and velvet linings! Spend a few minutes setting up the details, and your mailbox will welcome you monthly with the hottest trends in canine wear!

-Next is our one-time-order Collar Crate Seasonal Pack-pick any four designs from the seasonal or holiday categories, add some optional leashes, and we ship the pack to you all bundled together!

-Lastly....our Flagship Collar Crate-a dozen collars from our entire collection, chosen BY YOU to fit your pup's specific needs (Swiss velvet lined, style, width, size, etc). You can also add a dozen leashes for next to nothing, making heading out in style with your pups as easy as a walk in the park!

The best thing about any of the Collar Crate options is the PRICE-discounted up to 50%, depending on the program! All pricing includes FREE domestic USPS shipping!

*Wooden crate not included with purchase