Collar Crate

Collar Crate is Houndstown's bulk buying program! 

We have 2 distinct, separate ways to participate:

-First is our one-time-order Collar Crate Seasonal Pack-pick any four designs from the seasonal or holiday categories, add some optional leashes, and we ship the pack to you all bundled together!

-Second is our Flagship Collar Crate-a dozen collars from our entire collection, chosen BY YOU to fit your pup's specific needs (Swiss velvet lined, style, width, size, etc). You can also add a dozen leashes for next to nothing, making heading out in style with your pups as easy as a walk in the park!

The best thing about any of the Collar Crate options is the PRICE-discounted up to 50%, depending on the program! All pricing includes FREE domestic USPS shipping!

*Wooden crate not included with purchase